Power sector is a critical infrastructure element required for the smooth functioning of the economy. An efficient, resilient and financially healthy power sector is essential for growth and poverty reduction. The availability of reliable, quality and affordable power helps in the rapid agriculture, industrial and overall economic development of the state
I would like to thank Government of India, Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Power, for selecting Andhra Pradesh for implementation of ‘Power for All’ programme.
Andhra Pradesh was one of the pioneer states in the country to initiate the power sector reforms as early as 1998. Significant amount of investments were made for building up generation capacity, strengthening transmission and distribution network, industrial feeder segregation, loss reduction and improving quality of power supply. As a result of various initiatives that were taken up during the reform period (1998-2004), energy deficit was brought down to a mere 1.5% as compared to all India Energy deficit of 7.1% during FY 2003-04, CRISIL had ranked AP state as No.1 in 2003 among all the states based on the performance parameters for the power sector.
Since 2004, the performance of the power sector in Andhra Pradesh did not keep up pace with the development in other sectors resulting in increased energy deficit (17.6% in 2013).
Today, the daily energy deficit of the state has been brought down due to joint efforts of the State and Central Governments. However conceptualizing, creating and implementing long lasting and sustainable measures is the need of the hour.
It is at this juncture that the ‘Power for All’ programme plays a pivotal role. Conceived with the objective of providing 24x7 quality, reliable and affordable power for all, this programme takes a holistic approach for addressing the concerns across the value chain in power sector.
Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to supply 7 hours of free supply to agriculture which would be increased to 9 hours in a phased manner. Post bifurcation of the state, AP requires adequate energy to build a new economy, attract investments and accelerate growth. We need to facilitate the expansion of economy by providing a conducive policy environment, infrastructure and power. The State Government would ensure that all the necessary steps are taken up in terms of capacity addition, import of coal, power procurement, strengthening the required transmission and distribution network, encouraging renewables, energy efficiency measures, undertaking customer centric initiatives, reduction of AT & C losses, bridging the gap between ACS & ARR, providing the required subsidy for free power supply to agriculture and following good governance practices in implementation of all central and state government schemes
‘Power for All’ programme is an excellent platform for addressing these and this programme provides AP another opportunity to regain its past glory and become the pioneer in Power Sector in the country.
Our Government is fully prepared to transform AP into a power-cut free state within a short period and provide every citizen access to reliable and affordable electricity, with cooperation from the Central Government.